• Easily installed - either as fully networked, web enabled or standalone solution
  • SQL/Oracle or Access databases supported
  • Rapid start-up – initial training and on-going support needs minimised through simple, logical structure, key prompts and comprehensive ‘help’ system
  • User-friendly Windows based format – Designed for accessibility and immediate usability, Permit to Work Manager’s™ clear screen presentation, layout and function tabs follow standard familiar Windows format
  • Compatibility – flexible interfacing permits integration with existing software tools and data imports

A selection of some of the key features of Permit to Work Manager™ are detailed below:

Permit to work manager


  • The system stores details of your sites, contractor’s details and work locations (including fire and evacuation points). You only need to enter this information once; sites and contractors are easily managed, amended, added and deleted.

  • Comprehensive ‘help’ system.

  • System will warn issuer if a permit being raised coincides with a permit in current use within same location or grid reference, thereby saving time and effort reviewing issued permits manually.

  • Keep track of the permits issued. The system will automatically prompt user of those expired and not returned.

  • Export as PDF files for distribution via disk, email or intranet/extranet. Auto e-mail notification available.

  • Permits can be planned and scheduled within the diary system then authorised when required, to ensure effective resource planning.

  • Permit templates can be created for routine tasks so repeated information does not have to be re-entered, saving you time when re-issuing permits.

  • System validation control warns the issuer if the person receiving the permit is not listed in your database of registered competent contractors, saving the issuer time in verifying the contractor is aware of your safety procedures.

  • Location hazard warning ensures users are aware of potential dangers, so that the appropriate protection and control measures can be taken.

  • Review permits as you create them on screen, so mistakes can be corrected or details changed before printing.

  • Copy an existing permit’s details into a new permit for re-use, hence saving time. Facility to re-issue lost permits in an instant.

  • View current permits on screen or run a report to see who is working on site and where.

  • Built-in management reports for analysis of permit information (Permits issued, Contractor breakdowns, Asbestos Locations)

  • Risk calculator

  • Web-cam - badge recognition

  • Hand written electronic signature for authorisation

For further information please request a Brochure or an Online Demonstration